prosam Marktservice GmbH

About Prosam

prosam Marktservice GmbH is one of Austria’s leading agencies for sales and marketing at the POS.

Our passion for sales promotion lives and breathes: every month, we’re in action with over 800 contractors throughout Austria, to carry out more than 20,000 jobs for our clients. Long-standing partnerships with renowned brands confirm our commitment and the success of our bespoke full-service concepts and solutions.

General Manager Martin Bohonnek, MBA and his team welcome you to the bright and friendly offices of the agency’s headquarters on the edge of Vienna. With its adjoining warehouse and good transport links, our head office is situated in a strategically ideal position for efficient handling of our day-to-day operations.

It’s from here that we support the region of Vienna, as well as Lower Austria and Burgenland. In the remaining federal states, we work closely with our 15 salaried regional managers to drive your business near to you.

prosam Marktservice GmbH was established in 1979 and is now to 100 % in the possession of Advantage Smollan.

As a part of Advantage Smollan, we work in another 16 countries.