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Global Alliance

Founded in 2015, Advantage Smollan is a jointly-owned holding company of Advantage Solutions and Smollan Group that provides unified sales, marketing, and technology solutions for consumer goods manufacturers and retailers across Europe. The company combines Advantage’s and Smollan’s best practices and resources with the extensive experience and market leadership of each portfolio company – all aligned in service excellence, thought leadership, and entrepreneurial spirit to deliver better results for clients and customers.

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Founded prosam

The pursuit of perfection and the innovative spirit of committed employees ensures the partnership of our TOP customers. We take precautions for the future, demand initiative and promote it purposefully.


Started to merchandise for Unilever (and still doing).


Sold prosam Marktservice GmbH to COMBERA holding company.

Founded Combera Service GmbH

Founded Combera Service GmbH. Combera Service GmbH is a fully owned subsidiary of prosam Marktservice GmbH.

Advantage Smollan Ltd.

Reorganization of Combera Group GmbH in Advantage Smollan Ltd.