prosam Services

Retail data

Your finger on the pulse of the market

prosam Marktservice uses its unparalleled proximity to the market to capture, document and analyse the current situation at the points of purchase. Thanks to analogue and digital data collection, valuable and precise insights into the performance of FMCG in the outlets can be gained.

Profit from the opportunities that this offers to strengthen your position among your competitors – we support you.

• Share-of-shelf data collection
• Image recognition
• Mystery Shopping
• Ad-hoc data collection
• Real-time reporting

Image Recognition

See the situation for yourself!
Data capture by means of high-quality image recognition based on a specially developed app; extensive and nationwide support of 500 markets a quarter
Reliable evaluation of photos within just a short time
Use of the data collected for tasks such as comparing prices within a product group, analysing out-of-stock situations, and correct implementation of planograms