prosam Services


Securing success in the long term!

The sales success depends on the individual talents and strengths of the people in the background. That is why we offer optimal training concepts for the personal development of individual as well as for entire sales teams.

• POS promotion training (customer approach, setting up a sales pitch, product presentation)
• POS Sales training
• B2B Trainings (Indirect Sales Development, Business Development, Strategy Planning and Implementation)
• Trainings for executives & team development


What to expect:
Voice and mood decide – What methods and words do I use to create my counterpart? The entry and the conclusion – How do I win people at the beginning and how do I stay in memory?
Targeted focus on the use of the advantage language in argumentation. A large number of other formulation alternatives. People often don't behave logically. Positive formulation. Sharpen plus language.
How do I motivate myself after a negative conversation? Methods, tips & tricks. de-escalation techniques.
New questions and speech patterns. Attitude and conviction. How people think and what errors of thought happen.
How do I look sympathetic and authentic? Only with the right attitude can I generate enthusiasm.